Trelawney Domiciliary Care Ltd is a Cornish company that is based in Camborne and has been providing services to our clients in the community since 2000. We provide assistance with their daily activities and to enable them to live safely in their own home.

Our Company believes that person centered care is providing care that is responsive to individual personal preferences, needs and values and we ensure that the client is involved and guides how they wish their care needs to be met.

Trelawney Domiciliary Care Ltd prides itself on providing a professional holistic, flexible and responsive service to its clients. This is achieved by developing an individual client plan of care.
Trelawney Domiciliary Care Ltd.’s ethos is that good training and quality supportive management ensure that the staff provides a quality service to clients ensuring dignity, privacy and choice within safe working practices. All staff training programs are at minimum, annually updated, beneficially enabling them to provide the quality service to clients.


The service that Trelawney Domiciliary Care Ltd provides to its clients in the community is based around the client’s independence and how we can best enable our clients to achieve this. Staff training revolves around supporting and promoting our clients independence. We train staff to understand that this comes from allowing the client dignity, privacy and choice and helping/supporting the client to do as much for themselves as is safe and appropriate.

Trelawney Domiciliary Care Ltd is dependent on our ability to provide and maintain the high quality service our clients and potential clients wish for.

Our clients are the core of our business.

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